[Python-Dev] Reminder: the "3.5" branch in CPython trunk is now 3.5.1

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Sun Aug 9 12:37:12 CEST 2015

As I write this email I'm tagging Python 3.5.0 release candidate 1. This 
is the moment that we switch over to our new experimental workflow, 
where we use Bitbucket and pull requests for all future changesets that 
will get applied to 3.5.0.

The Bitbucket repository isn't ready yet, and I'm still putting the 
final touches on the documentation for the process.  I'll have 
everything ready no later than a day from now.  It'll be posted here, 
and will also go into the Python Dev Guide.  For now changes for 
3.5.0rc2 will just have to wait.

Again: any revisions you check in to the "3.5" branch on 
hg.python.org/cpython right now will go automatically into 3.5.1. They 
will *not* automatically go in to 3.5.0.  The only way to get changes 
into 3.5.0 from this moment forward is by creating a pull request on 
Bitbucket which you convince me to accept.


p.s. In case you're curious, the last revision to make it in to 3.5.0rc1 
(apart from the revisions I generate as part of my build engineering 
work) was 202a7aabd4fe.
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