[Python-Dev] How are we managing 3.5 NEWS?

R. David Murray rdmurray at bitdance.com
Sun Aug 16 17:36:19 CEST 2015

The 3.5.0 patch flow question also brings up the question of how we
are managing NEWS for 3.5.0 vs 3.5.1.  We have some commits that
are going in to both 3.5.0a2 and 3.5.1, and some that are only going
in to 3.5.1.  Currently the 3.5.1 NEWS says things are going in to
3.5.0a2, but that's obviously wrong.

Do we relabel the section in 3.5.1 NEWS as 3.5.1a1?  That would leave us
with the 3.5.1 NEWS never having the last alpha sections from 3.5.0,
which is logical but might be confusing (or is that the way we've done
it in the past?)  Do we leave it to the RM to sort out each individual
patch when he merges 3.5.0 into the 3.5 branch?  That sounds like a lot
of work, although if there are few enough patches that go into the
alphas, it might not be too hard.

Either way, that final 3.5.0 merge is going to require an edit of the
NEWS file.

Larry, how do you plan to handle this?


PS: We'll also need an answer to this question for the proposed new
NEWS workflow of putting the NEWS items in the tracker.  We'll probably
need to introduce x.y.z versions into the tracker.

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