[Python-Dev] New Windows installer for Python 3.5

Steve Dower Steve.Dower at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 5 22:47:53 CET 2015

Paul Moore wrote:
> tl;dr We should have "Add this Python to PATH" as a user choice on the initial
> installer screen, applicable to whichever install type the user chooses. Details
> as to why are below.

I agree. I'll work this up before alpha 1. (FWIW, it defaults to unselected.)

Displaying a warning about other Pythons already being on the path at this point is trickier, but I can probably figure something out.

> For myself, I'll probably have to use the custom install to get the control I
> want. But that's suboptimal, as I probably *want* to use the new locations, and
> having to override the "Custom" default of C:\Python35 to specify "Program
> Files" is a nuisance. And I bet I'll install a 32-bit Python in "C:\Program
> Files" rather than "C:\Program Files (x86)" at least once, and probably more
> than once...

Inclined to agree, and it is possible to make the default on the customise page switch with the Install as Administrator checkbox until it's been manually edited. My main concern is people who want it the old way, but they may not actually exist. Perhaps making the old way trickier is the best way to flush them out sooner...


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