[Python-Dev] Reminder: Python 3.5 beta 1 will be tagged tomorrow

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Fri May 22 21:53:34 CEST 2015

Howdy howdy.  It's-a me, Larry, your friendly neighborhood Python 3.5 
Release Manager.

Somewhere around 2 or 3pm tomorrow I expect to tag Python 3.5 beta 1.  
We'll actually release beta 1 on Sunday, once the binary installers are 
all built.

Beta 1 is also feature-freeze, meaning no new features may be added to 
3.5 without my permission.  Since it seems useful to have a specific 
cutoff time, please stop adding features at ** 8pm Saturday UTC **.  
(That's 1pm Pacific Daylight Time.  It's also almost exactly 24 hours 
from... now.)

I remind you that this time we're trying something new: we're going to 
create the 3.5 branch when we release beta 1, allowing feature 
development (for 3.6) to continue in trunk.  At the point that I check 
in and push beta 1, I'll also merge all checkins from trunk back into 
the 3.5 branch.  After that it'll be responsibility of the person 
checking in to check their bug fixes in to the appropriate place.  So 
please keep in mind: once the 3.5 branch becomes generally available on 
Sunday, the usual rules for a release branch will apply: bug fixes for 
3.5 should be checked in to the 3.5 branch and get merged forward into 

If you have new features you want to ship with Python 3.5, please check 
them in as soon as possible!

Thank you for helping to make Python better,

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