[Python-Dev] When should pathlib stop being provisional?

Alexander Walters tritium-list at sdamon.com
Tue Apr 5 19:08:23 EDT 2016

On 4/5/2016 18:55, Guido van Rossum wrote:
>   My last/only comment in the discussion
> was about there possibly being a dichotomy between people who use
> Python for scripting and those who use it to write more substantial
> programs (I'm trying not to judge one group more important than
> another -- I'm just observing there seem to be these two groups). But
> I didn't stick around long enough to watch for responses to this idea.
This was all but ignored.

The opinions mentioned in the thread, without throwing my opinion behind 
any of them were:

* pathlib should be improved (specifically by making it inherit from str)
* the stdlib should be made to deal with pathlib without changing pathlib
* pathlib is redundant to third party modules which work better
* the continued existence of pathlib was briefly discussed

You can insert the never-ending arguments for and against each of those 
points in your head - none of them were particularly convincing (in that 
i don't think anyone changed their position.)

the split between utility scripting and application development was not 
really discussed.

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