[Python-Dev] Removing memoryview object patch from Python 2.7

Jeff Allen ja.py at farowl.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 15:08:23 EST 2016

Hi Sesha:

memoryview is part of the language. Even if you could hide or remove the 
feature, you would be running a specially broken version of Python, 
which can't be good. There is surely a better way to fix the code. If it 
helps any, you're landing here:


in a function used to convert strings to an array of bytes within 
built-in functions. So something that expected a string is being given a 
memoryview object. But it's not possible to guess what or why, and this 
isn't the place to explore your code.

Python-dev is about developing the language. Python-list is the place to 
ask questions about using the language. However, good hunting!

Jeff Allen

On 14/12/2016 12:09, Sesha Narayanan Subbiah wrote:
> Thanks Rob. I will try upgrade to 2.7.12. Any idea of this memory view 
> object that has been back ported to 2.7 can be disabled in any way?
> Thanks
> Regards
> Sesha

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