[Python-Dev] Making stdlib modules optional for distributions (Was: Breaking up the stdlib (Was: release cadence))

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Jul 7 09:24:13 EDT 2016

On Jul 07, 2016, at 08:12 AM, Eric V. Smith wrote:

>One thing to keep in mind if we do this is how it interacts with the -S
>command line option to not include site-packages in sys.path. I currently use
>-S to basically mean "give my python as it was distributed, and don't include
>anything that was subsequently added by adding other RPM's (or package
>manager of your choice)". I realize that's a rough description, and possibly
>an abuse of -S. If using -S were to start excluding parts of the stdlib, that
>would be a problem for me.

It's an important consideration, and leads to another discussion that's
recurred over the years.  Operating systems often want an "isolated" Python,
similar to what's given by -I, which cannot be altered by subsequent
installs.  It's one of the things that lead to the Debian ecosystem using
dist-packages for PyPI installed packages.  Without isolation, it's just too
easy for some random PyPI thing to break your system, and yes, that has really
happened in the past.

So if we go down the path of moving more of the stdlib to site-packages, we
also need to get serious about a system-specific isolated Python.


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