[Python-Dev] security SIG? (was: Discussion overload)

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> > Hi Kevin,
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> > I often feel the same way. Are you using GMail? It combines related
> messages
> > in threads and lets you mute threads. I often use this feature so I can
> > manage my inbox. (I presume other mailers have the same features, but I
> > don't know if all of them do.) There are also many people who read the
> list
> > on a website, e.g. gmane. (Though I think that sometimes the delays
> incurred
> > there add to the noise -- e.g. when a decision is reached on the list
> > sometimes people keep responding to earlier threads.)
> >
> >
> > I fear I did quite a poor job of making my point. :( I've been on open
> > source mailing lists since the late 90s, so I've learned strategies for
> > dealing with mailing list overload. I've got my mail folders, my mail
> rules,
> > etc. Having been on many mailing lists over the years, I've seen many
> > productive discussions and many unproductive ones, and over time you
> start
> > to see patterns. You also see what happens to those communities over
> time.
> This is one of the major reasons we have the option of escalating
> things to the PEP process (and that's currently in train for
> os.urandom), as well as the SIGs for when folks really need to dig
> into topics that risk incurring a relatively low signal-to-noise
> ration on python-dev. It's also why python-ideas was turned into a
> separate list, since folks without the time for more speculative
> discussions and brainstorming can safely ignore it, while remaining
> confident that any ideas considered interesting enough for further
> review will be brought to python-dev's attention.

Do we need a security SIG? E.g. would people like Christian and Cory like
to have a separate place to talk about the ssl stuff brought up at the
language summit?

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