[Python-Dev] OpenIndiana and Solaris support

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 04:33:12 EDT 2016


My question is simple: do we officially support Solaris and/or OpenIndiana?

Jesus Cea runs an OpenIndiana buildbot slave:
"Open Indiana 32 bits"

The platform module of Python says "Solaris-2.11", I don't know the
exact OpenIndiana version.

A lot of unit tests fail on this buildbot with MemoryError. I guess
that it's related to Solaris which doesn't allow overcommit
(allocating more memory than available memory on the system), or more
simply because the slave has not enough memory.

There is now an issue which seems specific to OpenIndiana:

It might impact Solaris as well, but the Solaris buildbot is offline
since "684 builds".

Five years ago, I reported a bug because the curses module of Python 3
doesn't build on Solaris nor OpenIndiana anymore. It seems like the
bug was not fixed, and the issue is still open:

So my question is if we officially support Solaris and/or OpenIndiana.
If yes, how can we fix issues when we only have buildbot slave which
has memory errors, and no SSH access to this server?

Solaris doesn't seem to be officially supported in Python, so I
suggest to drop the OpenIndiana buildbot (which is failing since at
least 2 years) and close all Solaris issues as "WONTFIX".


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