[Python-Dev] Helping contributors with chores (do we have to?)

Stefan Krah stefan at bytereef.org
Sun Jun 25 12:13:12 EDT 2017

On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 05:52:49PM +0200, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Jun 2017 01:27:20 +1000
> Chris Angelico <rosuav at gmail.com> wrote:
> > In the web programming bootcamp that I'm involved with, git is taught
> > in the very first week. It's not some arcane and hostile thing; the
> > command line is a fundamental tool that everyone is expected to become
> > friends with. The students learn about branching and merging
> > (including merge conflicts) and the pull-request workflow on the
> > second day of bootcamp.
> > 
> > Are we "real men" (and real women - we're not sexist here) because we
> > know how to type commands into a terminal?
> The patronizing and not addressing the concrete issue at hand doesn't
> make your opinion about "real men and women" very interesting to me,
> sorry :-/

Indeed, perhaps all core devs should take a course at this "web programming
bootcamp" (whatever that is), so we finally know how to use the command line. ;)

Linus should also attend the "bootcamp", so he can learn git and the command


Stefan Krah

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