[Python-Dev] Question about PEP 484

Adam Cataldo acataldo at google.com
Mon Jul 16 13:21:13 EDT 2018

*Hi Folks,Cc: Rebecca, pytypeThis is Adam Cataldo; I’m the engineering
manager for the Python team at Google. Rebecca Chen, our lead pytype
<https://github.com/google/pytype> contributor, and I are interested in
helping finalize PEP 484 if possible. To that end, we wanted to find out
what technical issues the PEP 484 authors feel they still need to finalize.
We also wanted to know how we can help.We have a large Python code base at
Google, and may be able to use this to help resolve current incomplete
definitions, by collecting data on how types are used. We also have a
couple ambiguities that we’d love to get closure on: - One thing we care
about in particular, given the implementation of pytype, is the detailed
definition of what goes in a .pyi file. Do folks think this makes sense to
include as part of PEP 484, or would this be better in a separate PEP? We’d
love to get your thoughts.- The relationship between unicode and
typing.Text in Python 2 has been a recurring source of confusion for our
users. Especially since we contributed
<https://github.com/python/peps/pull/302> to the current state of affairs,
we’d like to figure out how to establish clarity here.Thoughts?Thanks,Adam*
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