[Python-Dev] Benchmarks why we need PEP 576/579/580

INADA Naoki songofacandy at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 02:27:41 EDT 2018

> I am comparing calls through tp_call (A) versus optimized call paths
> (B). I only need to assume that the speed improvements to (A) between
> 2.7 and 3.7 are not bigger than the speed improvements to (B).

It's interesting... But I failed to build sage.  It's build step is
too different from
normal Python package.  It tooks very long time to build.  And
"install from source"
document only describe step to `./sage` command work.  It doesn't describe
step to `improt sage` works.

I feel it's not suitable for target application for discussing future
Target application should be easy to test, benchmark and profile for all of
core-devs interesting in these PEPs.

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