[Python-Dev] Benchmarks why we need PEP 576/579/580

Jeroen Demeyer J.Demeyer at UGent.be
Sun Jul 22 06:39:50 EDT 2018

On 2018-07-22 08:27, INADA Naoki wrote:
> It's interesting... But I failed to build sage.

What went wrong?

> It's build step is
> too different from
> normal Python package.

That's true because Sage considers itself a distribution rather than a 
package. But it's possible to pick the distribution apart and build just 
the Python package "sage". In fact, various Linux distros package Sage 
that way. The reason for it being a distribution is mainly that it has a 
huge number of dependencies (many of them not Python), so it wouldn't be 
possible to do "pip install sage" anyway.

> It tooks very long time to build.

That's just a matter of waiting a few hours.

> And
> "install from source"
> document only describe step to `./sage` command work.  It doesn't describe
> step to `improt sage` works.

Those two are pretty much equivalent. If you really want just the 
latter, you can run "make sageruntime" in the Sage root.

> Target application should be easy to test, benchmark and profile for all of
> core-devs interesting in these PEPs.

I feel like the bar for this PEP is being raised all the time. First, 
you ask for an application benchmark and I provided an application 
benchmark. Now you complain that my application is not suitable. Why 
don't you just believe my timings?


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