[Python-Dev] PEP 575 (Unifying function/method classes) update

INADA Naoki songofacandy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 02:12:31 EDT 2018

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 2:56 PM Jeroen Demeyer <J.Demeyer at ugent.be> wrote:

> On 2018-06-18 16:55, INADA Naoki wrote:
> > Speeding up most python function and some bultin functions was very
> > significant.
> > But I doubt making some 3rd party call 20% faster can make real
> > applications significant faster.
> These two sentences are almost contradictory. I find it strange to claim
> that a given optimization was "very significant" in specific cases while
> saying that the same optimization won't matter in other cases.

It's not contradictory because there is basis:

  In most real world Python application, number of calling Python methods or
  bulitin functions are much more than other calls.

For example, optimization for bulitin `tp_init` or `tp_new` by FASTCALL was
rejected because it's implementation is complex and it's performance gain is
not significant enough on macro benchmarks.

And I doubt number of 3rd party calls are much more than calling builtin
tp_init or tp_new.

Of course, current benchmark suite [1] doesn't cover all types of real
world Python
application.  You can create pull request which add benchmark for real world
application which depends on massive 3rd party calls.

[1] https://github.com/python/performance

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