[Python-Dev] Another update for PEP 394 -- The "python" Command on Unix-Like Systems

Neil Schemenauer neil at python.ca
Wed Feb 13 16:00:52 EST 2019

On 2019-02-13, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I personally would like for `python` to be the latest Python 3
> version (or perhaps Brett’s launcher), `python2` to be Python 2.7
> where installed (and not mandatory).  `python3` would be an alias
> for the latest Python 3.

To me, having 'py' on Unix would be a good thing(tm).  If we have
that then I suppose we will encourage people to prefer it over
'python', 'python3', and 'python2'.  At that point, where 'python'
points would be less of an issue.

I'm not opposed to making 'python' configurable or eventually
pointing it to python3.  However, if we do go with 'py' as the
preferred command in the future, it seems to be some pain for little
gain.  If the OS already allows it to be re-directed, maybe that's
good enough.



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