[Python-Dev] Interested in serving on Steering Council

David Mertz mertz at gnosis.cx
Wed Jan 2 12:34:55 EST 2019

Hi Core Developers,

First thing: I am *not* a CPython committer.  I think most of you who are
will be somewhat familiar with me though.

Second: I was a Director of the PSF for a long while, and continue to chair
some Working Groups.  I've been mentioned in some PEPs.  I have written a
lot of articles and have given a lot of talks about Python, including about
recent or pending PEPs and similar matters.  I continue to work and train
around Python and open source (now with a focus on "data science", whatever
that is).

Third: I follow python-ideas and python-dev rather closely, and fairly
often contribute ideas to those lists.

Fourth: As I read PEP 8016, I cannot nominate myself to the Steering
Committee.  That seems good and proper to me.  But I believe I would be a
relevant and helpful member of the future Steering Committee if someone
wishes to nominate me and if the voters wish to elect me.

Thanks, David Mertz...

Keeping medicines from the bloodstreams of the sick; food
from the bellies of the hungry; books from the hands of the
uneducated; technology from the underdeveloped; and putting
advocates of freedom in prisons.  Intellectual property is
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