[Python-Dev] pickle5 backport updated

Wes Turner wes.turner at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 05:26:13 EST 2019

Thanks! Apache Arrow may also be worth a look:

> Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data.
It specifies a standardized language-independent columnar memory format for
flat and hierarchical data, organized for efficient analytic operations on
modern hardware. It also provides computational libraries and zero-copy
streaming messaging and interprocess communication.

> The Arrow Python bindings have first-class integration with NumPy,
pandas, and built-in Python objects


Pickle supports arbitrary Python objects without any schema definition
(other than that what's defined in the object's __reduce__()
and __reduce_ex__())

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, Antoine Pitrou <solipsis at pitrou.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> For the record, the pickle5 backport (PEP 574) was updated to include
> the latest pickle changes from CPython git master.
> pickle5 is available for Python 3.6 and 3.7.
> https://pypi.org/project/pickle5/
> Regards
> Antoine.
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