[Python-Dev] Python in next Windows 10 update

MRAB python at mrabarnett.plus.com
Tue May 21 19:21:13 EDT 2019

On 2019-05-21 21:30, Steve Dower wrote:
> The associated blog post:
> https://devblogs.microsoft.com/python/python-in-the-windows-10-may-2019-update/
> Here are answers to a few questions that I assume will come up, at least
> from this audience that understands the issues better than most:
> * if someone had installed Python and put it on PATH with our installer,
> this new command *does not* interfere
> * if someone had manually modified their own PATH, they *may* see some
> interference (but we [Microsoft] decided this was an acceptable risk)
> * the Python 3.7 installed from the store will not auto-update to 3.8,
> but when 3.8 is released we (Microsoft) will update the redirect to
> point at it
> * if you pass arguments to the redirect command, it just exits with an
> error code - you only get the Store page if you run it without arguments
> * once the Store package is installed, the redirect command is replaced
> (this required a new feature in the OS). If you install with the regular
> installer and update PATH, or active a venv, it will add it *before* the
> redirect. So these scenarios should be all good.
> I'm happy to answer other questions here. The long-term contact for this
> integration is python (at) microsoft.com, which right now will come to me.
Does it behave nicely with py.exe?

Earlier this year I installed an extension in Visual Studio Code for 
programming Arduino. It installed its own version of Python 2.7 (I'm on 
Python 3) and changed the file associations to point to that, thus 
breaking my scripts. (I wasn't keen on its customised icons, either.) I 
was somewhat unhappy at that...

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