[Python-Dev] Python in next Windows 10 update

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Tue May 21 19:40:23 EDT 2019

On 21May2019 1621, MRAB wrote:
> Does it behave nicely with py.exe?

This is still something of an open issue with the Store package for 
Python - py.exe doesn't look for the registry keys in a way that will 
find them (due to some very obscure compatibility quirks).

The Store package does not include py.exe though, so this only comes up 
if you install a second copy with the regular installer. And that would 
have to be a 3.8 alpha release to have any chance of getting the fix, 
since if you install a 3.7 release along with the 3.7 Store package then 
the regular install is likely going to shadow the Store package anyway, 
and I wasn't planning on adding to 3.6's launcher at this stage.

So far I haven't heard much feedback about this being a real issue - 
it's almost all been theoretical questions rather than "why did py.exe 
just fail?" issues. I expect they'll come up, and when they do I'm sure 
they'll point towards a good solution.

> Earlier this year I installed an extension in Visual Studio Code for 
> programming Arduino. It installed its own version of Python 2.7 (I'm on 
> Python 3) and changed the file associations to point to that, thus 
> breaking my scripts. (I wasn't keen on its customised icons, either.) I 
> was somewhat unhappy at that...

The Store package should change otherwise unassigned file associations 
to point at it when it is installed. If you already have file 
associations, you might get a prompt next time you double-click a .py 
file, but it shouldn't just steal them.


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