[Python-ideas] VS2005 project improvement

Victor Martin Ulloa pelotoescogorciao at yahoo.es
Tue Oct 14 22:31:24 CEST 2008

I'm trying to comppile python 2.5 as a static library using VS2005 SP1. I realized you only have Debug, PG and Release configurations. Of course, like you provide the sources, I could modify it manually... but I think will be much better to provide the Debug_Static and Release_Static configurations for noob user like me :P

Also, you are using this code in the pyconfig.h:

/* For an MSVC DLL, we can nominate the .lib files used by extensions */
#   ifndef Py_BUILD_CORE /* not building the core - must be an ext */
#      if defined(_MSC_VER)
         /* So MSVC users need not specify the .lib file in
         their Makefile (other compilers are generally
         taken care of by distutils.) */
#         ifdef _DEBUG
#            pragma comment(lib,"python25_d.lib")
#         else
#            pragma comment(lib,"python25.lib")
#         endif /* _DEBUG */
#      endif /* _MSC_VER */
#   endif /* Py_BUILD_CORE */
#endif /* MS_COREDLL */

This does not allow the user to rename the output library ( for example, to pytoncore_static_debug.lib ).
It would be very desireable to allow the user to change the python library output name... and use these names as defaults:

python25_md.lib -> python 2.5, multithread debug C CRT
python25_mdd.libl -> python 2.5, multithread debug DLL C CRT
python25_static_debug.lib -> python 2.5, multithread debug static library C CRT
python25_static.lib -> python 2.5, multithread static library C CRT

On the other hand, I see the python 3.0rc1 solution has been saved using VS2008. I think that's bad, because VS2005 users won't be able to open the solution. Ideally, you should provide a python solution for each Visual Studio:


or provide just the VC6 solution that can be easily converted by all the modern Visual Studio versions.



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