[Python-ideas] An idea for a new pickling tool

Dirkjan Ochtman dirkjan at ochtman.nl
Wed Apr 22 10:12:38 CEST 2009

On 22/04/2009 03:02, Leonardo Santagada wrote:
> With the already existing fast json serializers (simplejson) why not use
> JSON instead of YAML? I like the YAML language, but JSON serializers
> exists for many more languages and are usually much more used than YAML
> ones.

+1 from me as well. YAML is still evolving, and MUCH more complex than 
JSON. JSON is simpler and  has an IETF RFC to back it (much shorter than 
the YAML spec -- and the flow diagrams on json.org are really all you 
need). JSON schema might be used to do schemas [1].

Some kind of versioning would also be very useful [2,3]. I've had a lot 
of trouble with unpickling pickles for which the classes had changed; 
you often don't really get a useful error message.



[1] http://www.json.com/json-schema-proposal/
[2] http://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/python/PickleNotForSaving
[3] http://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/python/VersioningPickle

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