[Python-ideas] Idea: Google Groups web interface for Ideas

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Jan 4 03:48:03 CET 2012

Barry Warsaw writes:
 > On Dec 28, 2011, at 02:11 AM, anatoly techtonik wrote:
 > >Does Mailman support confirmation for messages with high SPAM ratio?
 > Not out of the box, no.

But it would be trivial to implement efficiently, I think, even in
MM2, as long as there is a front-end (eg, spamassassin) that does the
spam-checking efficiently.

 > First, spam detection is not Mailman's mission.

A big +1 to that, but I've had problems on the XEmacs lists with
marginally spammy stuff.  (Eg, one frequent contributor had a
French-castle-guard+some-even-more-awful-Aussie-slang version of
spook.el hooked up to Gnus, and he regularly ended up snagged by the
"male potency enhancers" filter.  But actual spam outnumbered his
posts about 99 to 1. :^)

So you might want to let some spammy stuff through *to* Mailman, yet
still have Mailman hold the spammy-ER stuff among that.

I don't know if Python lists ever have that kind of problem, though.

 > There could be some integration points with Mailman here, but it's
 > not clear they are worth it,

For mailman-developers, I think it's preferable to teach people to
fish (here, write and install simple Handlers), and provide a contrib
page on the wiki for posting them.

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