[Python-ideas] Should iPython Notebook replace Idle

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On Sat, Jul 4, 2015 at 8:26 AM, Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 4 July 2015 at 18:56, Todd <toddrjen at gmail.com> wrote:
> > That being said, one thing that IPython and other shells have shown is
> that
> > it is possible to make a much more powerful python shell. So I don't
> think
> > it is out of the realm of possibility to take a hard look at the current
> > python shell and see where and how it can be made more useful.  The
> IPython
> > shell is one of many places we could look for ideas.
> Software Carpentry already recommend the IPython Notebook to research
> scientists and data analysts learning Python (understandably so, since
> IPython Notebook is built by and for research scientists and data
> analysts).

* http://software-carpentry.org/blog/2012/03/the-ipython-notebook.html
* https://software-carpentry.org/v5/novice/python/06-cmdline.html (IPython)

> The needs for programming education are different, and the Raspberry
> Pi Foundation are starting looking at the available options in that
> space (including asking the question of whether or not there should be
> "Python for Education" edition that bundles additional third party
> libraries that don't make sense to include in the default
> installation.

I believe it's possible to run Docker and LXC on a Raspberry Pi (ARM arch).

* IPython, Scipy Stack (CPython, Anaconda conda packages, pip packages)


* There are extensions to include which packages/modules are/were
  for a given notebook (watermark, version_information)

> There's certainly scope for improving IDLE itself (within the
> constraints of "no dependencies outside the standard library"), but
> part of that includes refactoring IDLE to make it easier to work on
> and test. idle-dev is the appropriate list to find out more about the
> options there.

Some of my first lines of Python were in IDLE (with diveintopython 2).

> Cheers,
> Nick.
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