[Python-ideas] The next major Python version will be Python 8

Eric Fahlgren ericfahlgren at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 11:07:21 EDT 2016

Victor Stinner  wrote:
> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2016 15:27
> To: python-ideas
> The PSF is happy to announce that the new Python release will be Python 8!


Excellent work!   Good to see people thinking about the future.  I've been working on some similar enhancements myself.

My principal development platform is the Apple ][, which sports a highly ergonomic 40-column display (with supremely aesthetic shades of grey in lieu of useless colors).  This leads me to propose an enhancement to PEP 8, which I'm calling PEP 8.1 (since as all Windows users know, 8.1 is much better than 8).

One of the major changes in PEP 8.1 is the reduction of the allowed line length from 79 to 39, with a suggested maximum of 36 characters.  It would be great if Python 8.1 would implement this, and disallow the use of any source code with characters beyond the magic boundary.  This clearly makes sense, since as everyone knows that if the 79-column limit is good in this age of ubiquitous 1080, nay 4k, monitors, then 39 is surely better!  


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