[Python-ideas] Adding a frame evaluation API to CPython

Matthias welp boekewurm at gmail.com
Mon May 16 19:12:56 EDT 2016

I won't comment on the content of this proposal, as I'm don't really see
the implications, but I would like to correct one small mistake:

Under 'performance impact' you say this:

> In terms of memory impact, since there are typically not many CPython
interpreters executing in a single process that means the impact of
co_extra being added to PyCodeObject is the only worry. According to
a run of the Python test suite results in about 72,395 code objects being
created. On a 64-bit CPU that would result in 4,633,280 bytes of extra
memory being used if all code objects were alive at once and had nothing
set in their co_extra fields.

The extra RAM used is a bit off. One 64-bit pointer extra takes only 8
bytes, which translates to about 579160 bytes extra used in in the test
suite. I did not consider padding for accessibility, but that was also not
considered in the draft.

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