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Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
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"how to call the container for the libraries, the one thing providing the environment?"

In Visual Studio we call these Environments (in the source they're still referred to as Interpreters). A "virtual environment" is just a specific type of environment (one that inherits a stdlib and/or packages), as is an isolated environment (hosted in an app, or a conda env). They all specify a Python version and concrete versions of libraries - something directly executable, not something that needs to be actualised before use.

Not sure that we need an official term, but the venv docs likely have or need a definition to work with.


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This blog post from Donald Stufft explains the difference between
a Library and a Application.


The term "Library" is well known - ok

But how to call the container for the libraries, the one thing providing the environment?

Donald Stufft uses the term "Application"

I would like an official term defined by the python docs.

What do you think?

   Thomas Güttler

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