[Python-ideas] [Python-Dev] subprocess not escaping "^" on Windows

Steve Barnes gadgetsteve at live.co.uk
Mon Jan 8 01:46:59 EST 2018

Reacting to:

>> No, I cannot. I just thought of a way to keep users from using
>> "shell=True". I *think* they do it after they experience that
>> "del" for instance is not found. They conclude "ah, I need the
>> shell", which is not true.
> Even putting aside the fact this is pure conjecture, the kind of people 
> who make decisions like this will find a zillion more ways to shoot 
> themselves in the foot. They don't need a cleaner syntax, they need to 
> learn the basics of programming in a high-level language to understand 
> how it's different from programming in the shell. In particular, why 
> spawning a subprocess for something covered by a library function is a 
> bad idea.
>> So whatever you come up with, the effect should be that people
>> no longer use the shell. THATs what I want, after bad experience with
>> non-escaped "^" in a regex, that caused some really weird result.

How about starting off with marking all use of "shell=True" as 
deprecated and then replacing the parameter with "risky_shell=True" or 
having no such parameter and adding "risky_" or "dangerous_" wrappers 
for all items that currently have the "shell=True" option.

This would at least highlight that the developer is performing a risky 
operation, to me a part of the problem is that "shell=True" sounds 
innocuous so it is rarely picked up as a potential problem.

I do quite like the idea of having a "with_path=True|False" option or 
maybe a "use_path=" that defaults to sys.path for all of the subprocess 
functions that would allow a little more control over the execution 

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