[Python-ideas] Allow filtered dir built in

Steve Barnes gadgetsteve at live.co.uk
Thu Jun 14 05:27:05 EDT 2018

Currently when working with interactive sessions using the dir() or 
dir(module) built in is incredibly useful for exploring what 
functionality is available in a module. (Especially the regrettable 
libraries or modules that add really valuable functionality but have no 
or limited docstrings).

However I often find that when a module adds a lot of functions I need 
to filter those entries to be able to find the one that I need, e.g.:

 >>> import mpmath
 >>> dir(mpmath)  # This produces 390+ lines of output but
 >>> for name in dir(mpmath):
...    if 'sin' in name:
...        print(name)  # gives me a mere 13 to consider as candidates

What I would really like to do is:
 >>> dir(mpmath.*sin*)

However, I know that the interpreter will hit problems with one or more 
operators being embedded in the module name.

What I would like to suggest is extending the dir built-in to allow an 
optional filter parameter that takes fnmatch type wild card as an 
optional filter. Then I could use:

 >>> dir(mpmath, "*sin*")

To narrow down the candidates.

Ideally, this could have a recursive variant that would also include 
listing, (and filtering), any sub-packages.

Steve (Gadget) Barnes
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