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Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Fri Jun 29 09:12:32 EDT 2018

And I've taken owners off because I don't know how to solve this short of
removing Google Groups somehow or getting off of email and switching to
Zulip or Discourse. If someone has a solution that doesn't require dropping
email then let me know.

On Fri, Jun 29, 2018, 04:17 Stephen J. Turnbull, <
turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp> wrote:

> I've cc'd python-ideas-owner, the folks who can actually do something
> about it.
> Chris Barker via Python-ideas writes:
>  > I've been replying to messages lately, and getting a bounce back:
> [...]
>  > And it's not quite clar to me if the message actually got through.
> In my experience it does, because when this happens to me it's due to
> my reply-all inserting both python.org and googlegroups addresses in
> the To and Cc fields.
>  > IIUC, this is a Mailman list -- so it must be getting mirrored
>  > through google groups, and at least with some people's posts, the
>  > reply-to header is getting messed up.
>  >
>  > Anyone know what's going on?
> I'm not sure about the process in your case.  What I've experienced is
> that there are a couple of people who use googlegroups to read, and
> when they post for some reason both the python.org and the
> googlegroups addresses end up as addressees.  This might be Google
> trying to monopolize mailing lists by putting the googlegroups address
> in Reply-To, or it might be a poster error of using reply-all and not
> cleaning out the googlegroups address (which doesn't bother them
> because they're subscribed at googlegroups and googlegroups
> deduplicates).
> For historical reasons I use reply-all, so both addresses end up in
> the addressees, and it bounces from googlegroups if I don't clean it
> up.
>  > It would be nice to fix this...
> My personal approach would be to blackhole posts containing
> googlegroups addresses in any header field, but that probably won't
> fly. ;-)
> I think it's probably not that hard to add some code to some handler
> in Mailman's pipeline to strip out googlegroups addresses from the
> list of addressees in outgoing posts, and if that makes googlegroups
> unreliable, so be it.  It shouldn't, though, because the googlegroup
> is subscribed to the list at python.org.
> I don't see why this shouldn't be done globally for all lists at
> python.org, for all googlegroups addresses.  AFAIK there are no
> non-list mailboxes at googlegroups that would want to receive mail
> there.
> Steve
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