[Python-ideas] support toml for pyproject support

Pradyun Gedam pradyunsg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 11:51:17 EDT 2018

On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 12:49 PM Jimmy Girardet <ijkl at netc.fr> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Jimmy and welcome! :)

> I don't know if this was already debated  but I don't know how to search
> in the whole archive of the list.
> For  now the  adoption of pyproject.toml file is more difficult because
> toml is not in the standard library.
> Each tool which wants to use pyproject.toml has to add a toml lib  as a
> conditional or hard dependency.
> Since toml is now the standard configuration file format, it's strange
> the python does not support it in the stdlib lije it would have been
> strange to not have the configparser module.

Let's wait till TOML hits 1.0 before adding it to the standard
library. It's still at 0.5 right now.

I am personally in favor of adding a standard library module for TOML,
after it hits 1.0 and there's some stability after the release.

> I know it's complicated to add more and more thing to the stdlib but I
> really think it is necessary for python packaging being more consistent.

TOML has a fairly unambiguous specification so I don't think the
choice of library should really affect what data gets loaded. If there
are differences across implementations, due to the TOML specification
unintentionally being ambiguous, please do file an issue on GitHub. :)

> Maybe we could thought to a readonly lib to limit the added code.

I don't think that would be as helpful as possibly a round-tripping
parser-writer combination but I'll refrain from pushing for that
*right now*.

> If it's conceivable, I'd be happy to help in it.
> Nice Day guys and girls.
> Jimmy

Pradyun (pip maintainer, TOML Core member)

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