[Python-ideas] Moving to another forum system where

Hans Polak hpolak at polak.es
Thu Sep 20 03:38:10 EDT 2018

> I don’t think its unreasonable to point out that it’s a *mailing list*.  A firehose of email is generally a sign of good health of a mailing list.  Even so, there are mitigations to the firehose effect, including, but not limited to digests and setting up your client to move mailing list posts directly to a folder (including the trash for threads you don’t want to follow).  I don't understand how one can sign up for a mass email discussion forum, and be surprised that it increased the amount of email they receive.  It's kind of the point of the medium.
Right you are, Alex.

I don’t think its unreasonable to point out that the title of this 
thread is "Moving to another forum". If you want to contribute Python 
Ideas you *have to* subscribe to the mailing list.

Let me just say that I second the idea of moving to another forum.

I already move most mail automatically to the trash folder and read it 
there before eliminating it. My inbox contains exactly four emails at 
the moment, FYI.

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