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Alex Walters tritium-list at sdamon.com
Thu Sep 20 12:20:59 EDT 2018

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> 	I don’t think its unreasonable to point out that it’s a *mailing list*.  A
> firehose of email is generally a sign of good health of a mailing list.  Even so,
> there are mitigations to the firehose effect, including, but not limited to
> digests and setting up your client to move mailing list posts directly to a folder
> (including the trash for threads you don’t want to follow).  I don't understand
> how one can sign up for a mass email discussion forum, and be surprised that
> it increased the amount of email they receive.  It's kind of the point of the
> medium.
> Right you are, Alex.
> I don’t think its unreasonable to point out that the title of this thread is
> "Moving to another forum". If you want to contribute Python Ideas you have
> to subscribe to the mailing list.

I have zero sympathy for this position.  First, you only need to join the list to propose major changes - everything other type of contribution can be done off list.  Fixing bugs never touches a list at all unless you need to discuss backwards incompatible changes, at which point it goes to the lower volume python-dev list.  Documentation changes are done on the tracker, and trivial changes are done in pull requests.

The firehose of python-ideas is a barrier to entry to suggesting major changes to the language.  This is a GOOD thing.  Major changes need dedicated advocates - if they are unwilling to endure the flood of mail, they are not dedicated enough to the change, and that is an indication of how much they will contribute to actually bring that fruition.  They need a thick skin, since the idea will be folded, spindled and mutilated, usually reducing the change proposed to a single actionable item.  This is what makes python a good language - the road to changing it is incredibly tough.  We should not want to make it easier.

The firehose is a virtue for this list.

> Let me just say that I second the idea of moving to another forum.
> I already move most mail automatically to the trash folder and read it there
> before eliminating it. My inbox contains exactly four emails at the moment,
> FYI.
> Cheers,
> Hans

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