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> First attempt at this, so please be gentle. :)
> I am very interested in the overall goal of not needing virtualenvs, but
> I'm curious about the motivations behind pep-582.

In a word, simplicity. Teaching newcomers about virtual environments is a
stumbling block, but so if when they accidentally pollute their global
installation when they get started.PEP 582 is an attempt to handle the
simple case nicely.

> Could someone help me understand if this has previously been discussed and
> in that case why it was decided against?
> 1: Why only look in CWD and not traverse root-wise?

Surprise, potential security implications, other languages that have a
similar solution don't do that.

> 2: It feels to me like there is a larger story here about sprucing up

It's been a common theme that when people read PEP 582 they think there's a
larger story, so you're not alone. :)

> About 2) I would prefer if we had a mechanism to automatically look for
> .pythonpath.pth (or something with a better name, but to that effect). Then
> we were not limited to a specific directory or location. This would
> streamline cross project repos, for instance: you could have docker images
> that came preloaded with common libraries and just add a layer with your
> specifics in a different directory earlier in the paths specified by
> .pythonpath.pth
> Using pip to install into your directories of choice is already supported,
> although perhaps we should have some way of telling it to use the first
> entry in .pythonpath.pth.

PEP 582 isn't about sharing installs, so I think your idea is orthogonal to
its goals.


> I would be very grateful for some interaction on this. If there is general
> interest I could submit some working code.
> Thanks,
> // Phil
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