[Python-ideas] About PEP-582

Philip Bergen pbergen at salesforce.com
Tue Feb 19 18:28:14 EST 2019

First attempt at this, so please be gentle. :)
I am very interested in the overall goal of not needing virtualenvs, but
I'm curious about the motivations behind pep-582.
Could someone help me understand if this has previously been discussed and
in that case why it was decided against?
1: Why only look in CWD and not traverse root-wise?
2: It feels to me like there is a larger story here about sprucing up

About 2) I would prefer if we had a mechanism to automatically look for
.pythonpath.pth (or something with a better name, but to that effect). Then
we were not limited to a specific directory or location. This would
streamline cross project repos, for instance: you could have docker images
that came preloaded with common libraries and just add a layer with your
specifics in a different directory earlier in the paths specified by

Using pip to install into your directories of choice is already supported,
although perhaps we should have some way of telling it to use the first
entry in .pythonpath.pth.

I would be very grateful for some interaction on this. If there is general
interest I could submit some working code.

// Phil

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