[Python-ideas] OT: Respectful behaviour

Rhodri James rhodri at kynesim.co.uk
Mon Mar 11 08:28:06 EDT 2019

On 11/03/2019 12:17, Jonathan Fine wrote:
> Steven D'Aprano wrote:
>> Some weeks ago, you started a discussion here about "Clearer
>> Communication". Here's another suggestion to help: don't expect your
>> readers to either guess, or infer from the code, what your proposal
>> means. As the Zen of Python says:
>> Explicit is better than implicit.
> For me, the canonical guidelines for the use of this list are
> [1] http://python.org/psf/codeofconduct/
> Summary: Open, Considerate, Respectful

May I suggest that hijacking a thread to discuss something unrelated at 
length is neither considerate nor respectful?

> The system puts the first two URLs at the foot of every email it sends
> out. It might help if it also added
> https://devguide.python.org/
> I'll suggest that to the forum moderators.

That makes it sound like we're all core developers, which would be a 
considerable discouragement to discussion.  I would expect that the core 
devs actually know this already, and reminding them at every turn is 
rather insulting.

Rhodri James *-* Kynesim Ltd

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