get or set OpenLDAPaci

Michael Ströder michael at
Wed Jul 20 17:59:59 CEST 2005

Jérôme Wax wrote:
> Then I create an openexchange account on an ldap account,

Just curious, what project are you working on?

> mlist = ldap.modlist.modifyModlist(attrs, newattrs)
> self.l.modify_s(cn, mlist)

Can you please post repr(mlist)?

>  attrs is the entire attributes list.
> newattrs is the modified list.

These are dictionaries, not lists!

> When I create and delete... it works.
> But if I recreate OX attributes... OpenLDAPaci already exist... but don't appear in attributes list and cause this:
> ldap.INAPPROPRIATE_MATCHING: {'info': 'modify/add: OpenLDAPaci: no equality matching rule', 'desc': 'Inappropriate matching'}
> How can I get OpenLDAPaci attribute to prevent this error ?

Probably you have to use ldap.MOD_REPLACE in mlist for attribute
OpenLDAPaci instead of ldap.MOD_DELETE. Not sure if usage of
ldap.modlist.modifyModlist() in every case.

But first turn on python-ldap's debugging by setting trace_level=2 when
calling ldap.initialize() and post the output.

l = ldap.initialize('ldap://localhost:1390',trace_level=2)

Ciao, Michael.

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