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Joey Hendricks joeyhendricks20 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 07:10:56 EDT 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Joey Hendricks and i,m a 20 year old programming student.
And I have been using your package "python-ldap latest version" in my
python program I have been building this program for a school project.
And might want to sell my project afterwards but my program makes use of
your package "python-ldap latest version".
It imports your package in order to make a connection to a Active directory
and check data in the Active directory.

And i,m wondering if i can use your package in my program and sell at a
later point because I want to do this fair and right and don't wanna wrong
you or commit plagiarism.
I will be selling my code that imports your package and not your package
people would need to download your package separately from your site and
install it on their server but my code makes use of your package.
Because i,m unexperienced in selling programs and licensing i don't know if
can use your API in my program.

Could you tell me or give me permission to use your API in my program and
sell it at a later point or do i have to sell it under specific license or
cant i use it at all?
What do i need to do could you give some advice what i can do?

I hope you can help me and thanks in advice.
Sorry if my questions might be a bit vaguely English is not my native
language i,m dutch.

Kind regards

Joey Hendricks
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