Enough [Why fight when we can hoist a few at OSC?!]

Chad Netzer chad at vision.arc.nasa.gov
Sun Aug 15 06:28:17 EDT 1999

Tom Christiansen wrote:

>    That man, along with Ian Clarke, have stirred up the biggest flame war
> in the Perl newsgroup that we're seen for a long time, inflicting their
> standard overrighteous prattle on us.

As one who put a flaming bag-o-turd on Tom's home doorstep (c.l.p.m,
that is), when I should not have contributed to such a bonfire of abuse
(although that "if 1:" trick can be useful :), I'd like to say that it is a
this had to start so near to the O'Reilly conference.  I won't be able to make

it, but I hope others will not let this interfere with any potential
and socializing between the two "camps".

Anyone who buys Tom a beer for me (or an equivalent, depending on his
tastes), I'll pay them back.


 Uhhh, but don't everyone do it, or I'll go broke. :)

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