CVS classes in Python

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Thu Aug 19 10:10:50 EDT 1999

According to Phil Hunt <philh at>:
> In article <37B9969B.BB40C25F at>
>            yerny at "Bryan Jernigan" writes:
> > I'm a newbie to Python and I would like to create a Python script to
> > maintain a distributed CVS CM system.  Before I re-invent the wheel, I
> > was wondering if anyone has some decent CVS classes and/or functions.
> > If so, please drop me a line.
> Why not have your Python classes acting as a front end to CVS or PVS?

This is what I did for some RCS-aware SGML parsers I've written in Python;
they just call out to the RCS commands when necessary, via os.system().
Not very sophisticated, but it works. :-)

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