Bug in ntpath.exists?

Andrew J Clover esuzm at dcs.warwick.ac.uk
Wed Aug 18 16:31:42 EDT 1999

Fredrik Lundh (fredrik at pythonware.com) wrote:

> that's an NT file system "feature".  trying to work around
> it in the interface layer is probably a bad idea (when you
> think you've got it 100% right, Microsoft releases yet an-
> other implementation...)

After spending all day tracking down other, unrelated MS bugs, I would just
like to say:

  Curse Microsoft, all their developers, and all their families!

Thank you. That's it.

>     fragment in os.listdir(prefix)

> to make sure there's really something called fragment
> with the given prefix.  (better ideas are welcome...)

Yeah, you're right. Since I'm using os.listdir to try to find similarly-
named matches, it makes sense to use it here as well. Yes! Erm, hurrah!


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