ADO example code failed:hlp!

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Thu Aug 5 18:45:22 EDT 1999

Hoon Yoon wrote in message <37A9F366.EA01D915 at>...
>Running Christian's code, I get following error message. What am I doing
>wrong? It's same code, but the constants do not contain adModeReadWrite.
>Pls help!
>Thanks much in Adv,

Most likely you have not run "makepy" over the ADO library.


>import win32com.client

print db

If it says "COM object <ADODB.Connection>", you have not used makepy.  If it
says "win32com.gen_py.blah..." then it is a different problem.

To run makepy, select it from the Pythonwin tools menu, or double-click on


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