Difficulty configuring web server for Python

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Mon Aug 16 12:29:57 EDT 1999


When I read your message, I was saddened because everything you listed
was stuff I'd already tried... I had already found the ^M lurking in the
top line of my python script and deleted it, and I'd already assumed
that the webserver was chroot-ed and had tried changing my first line to
a different path...

problem was, I did them in the wrong order.  I tried the corrected path
to python and that didn't work, so I undid that, and then I deleted the
ctrl-m and that didn't work.

After reading your post, I went to the perl script that I had downloaded
and changed it's path to the same full-path I was using and all of a
sudden the perl script bombed.  So I realized what had happened (I'd
tried the fixes in the wrong order) and voila, I get my hello world.

Much much thanks for the quick replies I got to my query.  I really
didn't want to have to learn that other scripting language ;-).


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PhD Student, Computer Science
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