Isaac irclark at
Mon Aug 23 04:37:05 CEST 1999

On Sat, 21 Aug 99 23:56:16 GMT, Phil Hunt <philh at> wrote:
>It looks like version 0.0.1 of Parrot, my text-based GUI builder,
>will be ready within a day or so. It doesn't actually do anything
>useful yet; v0.0.1 is a technology demonstration version, which
>is intended to verify that the basic design is more-or-less
>sensible. Would anyone like to have a look at it, and possibly 
>suggest some improvements? If so, tell me, and I'll put it on
>my website.
>Some information about Parrot follows:
Very interesting indeed!  I was working on a similar program whose
functionality would fit much of the description you give here.  My
program reads in a description of a gui that's similar in concept
to your par files, and outputs code that implements the gui, in
either Motif, GTK, or the EZWGL toolkit based on the backend chosen.   
Currently the code is limited in the number of supported widgets. 
I haven't tried to output anything but C code, but I don't see
why other procedurally based languages wouldn't work.

I haven't had time to work on my program lately, and the last time I
looked at it, I really didn't like the syntax I'd chosen for the
gui representation.   I'm using PCCTS to implement the parser for the
language.  I used a separate parser for implementing a language 
for describing backends.  It's actually the language implementing part 
that I find the most fun.  I barely learned enough about the various 
toolkits to get the code output part working.

Looks like your seriously working on your program while I just can't
find much time to continue.  (I just started an evening law school
program.)  If you put the code up, I'd be happy to give you all the
feedback I can. 


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