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> Pierrette writes:
> > I have two questions:
> > 1. The database will hold abouth 50.000 lines in its biggest table,
> > can gadfly handle this without problems, what abouth acces time ??
> Gadfly is in-memory, and (to support transactions) has 2 copies of
> the db. If the machines have the memory, access time will be fine.

This is sortof true and sortof deceptive.

The shadow copies of a table share most of their structure
with the committed copies most of the time (ie, they are python
lists that contain pointers to shared structures most of the time)
and shadow copies are only created when a table is updated but
not yet committed.  So really almost always gadfly has only one
copy of almost every data item in the database (unless you update
huge numbers of rows before a commit).

And the answer is...  If you have enough memory gadfly should work
fine.  If you don't you *might* see a serious performance reduction
(unless most of the accesses are via indices in which case it's
hard to say).  Good luck.  Sorry I missed this before.  Look to
the gadfly-rdbms mailing list for some other
discussions and benchmarks.

  -- Aaron Watters


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