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Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Sat Aug 14 13:20:25 CEST 1999

cbbrowne at (Christopher Browne) writes:

> On 13 Aug 1999 07:15:25 +0100, Michael Hudson <mwh21 at> wrote:
> >cbbrowne at (Christopher Browne) writes:


> >> Sounds Really A Lot like CORBA DII...
> >
> >Not to me. Could you elaborate for the slow of thought?
> DII == Dynamic Invocation Interface.
> Basic idea is that it allows a CORBA client to dynamically discover
> new objects and their interfaces, and connect to them.
> Same idea as having a LibGlade client dynamically discover new GTK
> widgets and their interfaces, and then connecting to them.

Oh, I see. 

I'd hypothesise that this more the result of unfortunate overloading
of the word "interface" than anything fundamentally similar. 

But it's still pretty cool, particularly when you're using a dynamic
language like Python.


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