A Plea For A Return To Sanity!!!

Fredrik Henbjork frehe491 at student.liu.se
Sat Aug 28 12:49:45 EDT 1999

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, you wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Tim Peters wrote:
> > python-folk-are-the-best-buddies-psu-dues-can-buy-ly y'rs  - tim
>                                    ^^^
> There are a few options:
> 1. The mailman at Python org had a glitch
> 2. The timbot made a type
> 3. There's this underground association, Python Software Union, which goes
> around breaking thumbs of people who use Python without paying the PSA.
> e-mailing-cash-and-lots-of-it-ly y'rs, Z.

Let me set the facts straight: the Python Secret Underground movement does
not exist.  Every accusation that suggests that the PSU is, or was, involved
in, or associated with, the following things is completly false: the Kennedy
assassination, Richard Stallman, black UN helicopters over Montana, NSA
and Windows 2000. We also disclaim all responsibility of having designed or
manufactured the timbot. Thank you for listening to this nonexisting broadcast.

We-don't-exist-and-we-are-not-coming-to-get-you-tomorrow-ly y'rs
Fredrik Henbjork

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