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Tue Aug 31 21:06:40 CEST 1999

I am in the process of using Python as our scripting language for a
test automation environment.  I have been looking for some sort of test
executive or test management solution that could help me manage and
execute many scripts.  While there is lots of software out there that
can do this, I have not found any that interface to python, or would
interface a cleanly as I would prefer.  Python has so many features
that are really beneficial for this type of application, but I have not
been able to find a tool that would allow me to take advantage of these

Has anyone done some work in this area?  I have lots of ideas on how a
Python based test executive could be implemented, but unfortunately, I
am stuggling with the build yourself vs. buy off the shelf trade offs
and really don't have the time to invest in building the tooling from
the ground up.

I have also looked at TETWare, which is free on Linux, but $10K for
WinNT.  Unfortunately, I cannot deploy on Linux (just yet, but I keep
hoping...), and we must run under Win32.  And once I spend the $10K, I
still have to build a Python binding, because I have not found one
yet.  And once thats done, there really isn't a nice GUI interface to
TET anyways.  So it kind of seems like a waste of 10K.

Any ideas?

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated....


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