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Wed Aug 25 07:50:52 EDT 1999

William Tanksley wrote:

> >I tried variuos links on the Internet, some were dead - but the most
> >led to a book advert. Two books seem to suite for my poor knowledge in
> >this area:
> >1.) Object Primer(Scott W. Ambler SIGS Books/
> >     Cambridge University Press, 1995)
> >2.) UML in a Nutshell (OReilly)
> >Which - or would you recommend both?
I started with "Objectys, Components and Frameworks with UML".
Was ok. Then there is "Doing hard time". This explains UML with real
objets and classes (examples come from the real-time domain).
Try to get both from a library and then pick.

> I've never seen the first, but I tried to learn from the second and HATED
> it.  The author seems to delight in using bullet lists as part of every
> paragraph, and new terms complete with definition (sometimes) are brought
> in on every page.  I was _really_ disappointed.
Nutshell books are reference books. I tried that one as well and was disappointed too.

> UML simply helps you lay out your design on paper.
Seconded. Some tools abuse UML as implementation language and spit out
C++ or something like that. Might work, might not.
Personally I'd recommend UML as a specification language.


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