RFC: Viper: yet another python implementation

Phil Mayes nospam at bitbucket.com
Mon Aug 16 03:18:29 EDT 1999

Robert Kern wrote in message <37b6f43e.1175088 at news.erols.com>...
>On Sun, 15 Aug 1999 15:36:39 GMT, skaller at maxtal.com.au (John (Max)
>Skaller) wrote:
>>This last point is the real killer. I have both a Linux and
>>NT box. I have no problem with building C modules
>>on Linux, but I don't _have_ a compiler on the NT box that
>>will build C modules compatible with the Python implementation
>>I have. [I have Borland C++, and gcc on the NT box,
>>but not MSC, which was used to build my NT based Python]
>You can use GCC 2.95 for mingw32
>to compile Python extensions on NT.  See my page
>Such extensions will work with the distributed Python interpreter for

There is also LCC-Win32 at http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~lcc-win32/
I haven't played with it recently but I used it to teach a C course
last year and it understood windows.h and .rc files very well.

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