But Sir, It's Wafer Thin!!!

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Mon Aug 30 09:37:46 EDT 1999

David Oppenheimer writes:

> I only have a small question.  In fact you might say its wafer thin.
> Q: What path declarations do I need to place into my autoexec.bat
> file so that my computer will be able to run Python Scripts?

If properly installed, nothing. Having the path to python.exe there 
is handy.

[tcl / tk]
> ... I used the find command to locate both of these
> dll's and they are here C:\TclPlug\2.0\bin

That's not standard. If that's a real installation, and you want to 
keep it there (and it's the right version - 8.0), first make sure 
that C:\TclPlug\2.0\bin is on your path. Then make sure that you have
C:\TclPlug\2.0\lib\tcl8.0 and C:\TclPlug\2.0\lib\tk8.0 directories 
with .tcl scripts in them. If Python still fails to load Tk, add 
these environment variables to your autoexec.bat:


- Gordon

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